Saturday, May 28, 2011

crying at the garden

from the heart of cik myrha at 5/28/2011 01:24:00 AM

assalamualaikum sweeties :)

all human are given with many type of feeling.
sadness is the one of it.
what do you feel if u are too sad?
it is the cure actually.
you must do it.
no matter how ego u are.
do not to show off
just do it.
after that u will more calm :)

women are very similar with this feeling.
i admit that.
there is no other way to give myself calm
but,i do crying only on certain things.
yeah..maybe after watching korean drama :)
and of course when it comes to my personal life.
family,sweetheart and friends. must go on.
problems are always besides u.
it might be your friends anyway :)
always think positive. is hard.
try to fight back babe :)

my enche syg face a problem rite now.
regarding his job. boss.payment.blablabla
i feel sorry.
hopefully he can fight that.amin :)

crying but still cute :)

be alone to cure the sadness :)

i wanna be besides u laling and sing iloveu song to u :)

sweetchips : hopefully tomorrow is better than today and so on.amin :)       shafee masri.amirah love u!much :)

million thanx for reading :) do comment above sweeties :)


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