Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what do u expect from a man?

from the heart of cik myrha at 6/07/2011 12:31:00 AM
assalamualaikum sweeties :)

my answer for above question is sincerity :)
for me as a guy be sincere to me is enough
because sincerity proves that the guy not lying to me.
because he want the best things between both of us even i should face a hard condition.

some of people will ask,is it enough?
i will said,yes :)
it is not easy to get a happy life.
we have to treasure a long journey.
it is a hard things.
the tough one.
but as long as u belief in Allah,u will get the happiness.

a man is like a woman
they do need some space for their own life.
a man can not spend all tyme wif u gurl.
sometime they need some rest :)
a girl too..hehe.
yeah..we should give each other that space :)

a man.
a leader.
a husband for a wife or it can be wives :)
a imam for pray.
they have their own way of thinking.
they are thinking for long term rather than short term.
so that,they will make a decision whether sometime it may broke some gurls heart.

take it easy.
chill :)
thinking positive babe.

sweetchips : aku rase cam lintang pukang je ayat aku..haha..

million thanx for reading :) do comment above sweeties :)


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